Terms & Conditions - April 2020

Please do take the time to read our terms and conditions. It is important that you raise any queries you may have with us as soon as possible. 
The Copse Country House is referred to within these terms and conditions as The Copse. The Copse is defined as the estate comprising of house, gardens and grounds, facilities and property and its contents.

Download a pdf of the Booking Terms here.


  1. It is your responsibility to read through and check the terms before accepting and securing a booking. 

  2. All bookings are subject to The Copse receiving from you, a completed booking form, a booking confirmation payment and signed terms which include our noise management policy.


  1. A provisional booking with The Copse can be made and held for 14 days. 

  2. You reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time during this 14-day period. 

  3. No later than 14 days do we expect you to confirm or decline securing a booking with us. Failure to inform us of your intention will automatically cancel your provisional booking.

  4. Payments may be made via bank transfer, credit or debit card (this is a secure transaction facilitated by an online third party) or cheque. 

  5. All payments are inclusive of VAT.

  6. To confirmation and secure a booking with us requires payment as outlined below:

Bookings more than 14 months ahead payment schedule

20% booking Confirmation payment due to secure booking 

30% of the total booking cost is due 14 months prior to the rental date,

50% of the total booking cost is due 3 calendar months before the rental date 

Bookings less than 14 months ahead payment schedule

50% of the booking charge is due to secure the booking

100% of the remaining balance of the booking cost is due 3 months before your rental date.

Bookings less than 3 calendar months ahead payment schedule

100% of the total booking cost is due.

If payments are not received in a timely manner, we reserve the right to cancel your booking in accordance with our cancellation policy.


  1. The Copse strongly advise that you obtain insurance in advance of planning your function which can offer all different levels of cover in the event of a cancellation, failure of suppliers, loss, theft or damage, personal liability and so on.

  2. If The Copse has to amend your booking due to any events or circumstances which are foreseen or unforeseen, unavoidable or outside the responsible control of The Copse, we shall have the right to amend your contract by providing an alternative date with arrangement by mutual agreement. If this is not possible then our liability shall be limited to the return of payments received from you, or on your behalf, but no compensation will be paid. 

  3. We are not liable to offer a refund for, but not limited to, circumstances such as riot, wars, terrorism, pandemics and force majeures. In such a case, we would work with you to facilitate a postponement, but additional charges may be applicable.

  4. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if you do not make payments when they are due as outlined in the payment schedule. We will retain payments already received and if applicable, seek to recover any further outstanding balances.

  5. Cancellation by you must be made in writing. The following cancellation charges apply:



  1. 14 or more calendar months prior to rental date – booking confirmation payment is retained in full by The Copse.

  2. Between 14 – 9 calendar months prior to rental date – The Copse will retain 20% of the total booking cost.

  3. Between 9 - 3 calendar months prior to rental date – 50% of the outstanding balance of the total booking cost is retained by The Copse.

  4. Less than 3 calendar months prior to the rental date – 80% of the booking cost is retained by The Copse.

Postponement of booking

Should you wish to change your booking to a different date, entirely by your own choice, then the following applies:

  1. A postponement may not always be available nor approved.

  2. A postponement will be considered but this must be placed in writing by you to The Copse. 

  3. There will be a financial penalty for making a postponement. The rate will vary depending on our availability, when you wish to make the postponement for and should there be any other changes regarding your booking such as guest numbers, dates and so on. The minimum charge made for a postponement will be 20% of the booking cost but could be up to 80% of the booking cost. 

  4. The Copse will outline in writing the full charges that will apply to a postponement. Upon consideration of this, should you decide not to pursue a postponement, then your original booking date and conditions will remain. 

  5. If you decide to pursue a postponement, then this will be agreed in writing by The Copse and you will sign a confirmation which will outline the additional charges and any other conditions for making a postponement. 

  6. You must not confirm any postponements with any suppliers until you have received confirmation from us to the agreement of a postponement. 


  1. As part of the rental conditions, a security deposit of £1,500 must be paid by cleared funds no less than one week before the rental date. This is held against damage to The Copse but is not limited to the amount of your liability should there be extensive damage or loss above and beyond this amount. 

  2. Reasons for withholding the security deposit include but are not limited to extra cleaning of the house or garden, incorrect use or damage to The Copse or non-compliance with our terms which include failure to follow our noise management policy. 

  3. The security deposit will be refunded 7-10 days after your booking has taken place on the proviso of the above conditions being met.



  1. No more than 20 guests are to stay overnight at The Copse Country House.

  2. For functions, no more than 120 guests are permitted on site at any one time in the outside spaces and Pavilion. 100 within The Barn. 

  3. Only one day during your rental period is permitted for a large gathering. At other times a maximum of 30 people on site at any one time is permitted (20 who are staying in the house plus a further 10) for small gatherings such as lunch, a BBQ etc. Parking is limited so do speak to us first. 

  4. The capacity of guests that you are permitted will be outlined in your booking details at the end of these terms and may not be the maximum capacity of The Copse, as outlined above, depending on the booking you have made.

  5. Dogs may be permitted, subject to prior agreement. Dogs are not permitted in the pond and must always be kept on a lead in the garden. Fouling in the garden must be bagged up and placed in bin. Dogs to be kept in the utility and family room only and not on any of the furniture. No access to bedrooms or reception rooms. If these instructions are not followed an additional cleaning charge will be applied.


  1. The rental charge includes exclusive use of The Copse. Facilities include The Copse house, gardens, hot tub, The Pavilion, Dance Barn, furniture, Arctic Cabin, outside lighting, car parking and outside toilets. 

  2. In advance of your booking, you must supply an outline of your plans during your stay, including a timeline for your function day – arrival time of suppliers and guests, time of ceremony, time of main meal, etc. If for any reason we believe your plans do not meet our requirements, we will advise and work with you to find a solution. 

  3. Access to the main house on your function day is limited to only those staying in the house and suppliers who require use of the kitchens.

  4. Older family members are welcome to rest in the sitting room if appropriate. 

  5. Guests attending your function are requested to use the outside toilet facilities and not the facilities in the house. 

  6. The use of live animals, bouncy castles, fireworks, Chinese lanterns and such like are strictly forbidden.

  7. Confetti must be biodegradable. Any other confetti used will incur an additional cleaning charge.

  8. Smoking is not permitted in any buildings, including temporary structures. Sand buckets are provided for the extinguishing of cigarette ends

  9. No defacement of the interior decoration or furnishings of The Copse will be allowed (drawing pins, glue, sticky tape, fixing spray or alike).

  10. Glitter or metallic confetti is not permitted on site. 

  11. Use of the hot tub after 11pm is not permitted.

  12. You, your guests and suppliers must ensure that waste and recycling is disposed of in the correct way at The Copse (this will be explained to you upon your arrival). 

  13. You must take away items not classed as normal waste.

  14. Your booking may include the use of decorations that we have available. If so, use of these items is on the condition that you return all items to the storage area in the correct place that they were originally found, used candles and tealights are removed from holders and broken items reported. 

  15. There may be times when we need to access The Copse during your stay, and we will ask your prior permission. 

  16. It is recommended that you hire an on the day coordinator to help facilitate the management and running of your function. We can provide a list of staff familiar with the site. 



  1. Access to The Copse is from 10am on Day one of the rental until 6pm on the final day, unless agreed otherwise with us.

  2. We will meet you on arrival to check you in – providing keys, showing you how things work and where to find things. 

  3. Access for guests attending for your function will be via a different entrance. This information will be supplied to you at the time of booking. If we have to change access for any reason, we shall inform you as soon as possible but we will not be liable. Staff attending for your function must use the function parking entrance. The exception to this is for suppliers who need to unload supplies and equipment. This entrance is via the gate at the main house or at the rear of the house. 

  4. It is the responsibility of you, your guests and suppliers to ensure that everything is put back to how it was found at the beginning of your stay. You are not expected to clean the house as this will be done by housekeeping. All rubbish must be collected up and placed in the rubbish storage area. All the facilities such as The Pavilion, The Barn, garden etc. must be left clean and tidy ready for use by the next booking. 

  5. All guests and suppliers are to vacate the site no later than 12.00am. Staff from The Copse will be on hand to help manage guests and suppliers leaving to enable a timely departure. 

  6. We request that taxis are ordered in advance and where possible the use of minibuses is highly recommended.  

  7. The function at The Copse will end by midnight, with all areas being closed down by staff from The Copse. 

  8. Any vehicles parked at The Copse is at the owner’s risk.

  9. Vehicles may be left overnight at The Copse, but this is done so at the owner’s risk. Cars must be collected the following morning.


  1. Before confirming any suppliers, you MUST check with us first to ensure that we approve. This is especially important regarding music – see entertainment conditions below.

  2. Any outsourced suppliers/entertainers must provide The Copse with their public liability insurance certificates in advance of the booking date which must be valid for the duration of the function. The Copse will contact your suppliers regarding this but please make them aware of these conditions when you place a booking with them.

  3. We reserve the right not to allow access to The Copse to any third party who does not fulfil the above requirements. 

  4. You are responsible for paying all third-party suppliers directly and we accept no responsibility for their service.

  5. Access and deliveries by suppliers must take place during your rental period. You are responsible for making such arrangements and being present to accept deliveries/collections. 

  6. You must inform suppliers of the correct access and parking for your function. Those that do not need to unload items must use the function parking access. If unloading is required, then access for this is via the gate at the main house or at the rear of the house.

  7. We will pass information to your suppliers regarding our noise management policy. 


  1. The Copse is provided on a self-catering basis. 

  2. You may choose your own supplier, but approval must be sought from us before confirming a booking with them. We can provide recommendations of suppliers but accept no responsibility for their services. 

  3. You will make your supplier aware that they will be required to provide The Copse with their public liability insurance certificates in advance of the booking date which must be valid for the duration of the function.

  4. You are directly responsible for payments and conditions set by your caterer whilst ensuring that The Copse conditions are met also.

  5. For suppliers who are not familiar with The Copse, we strongly suggest a site visit in advance of a booking. Advance planning is important as your supplier may need to hire in additional equipment to provide you with a service. 

  6. Suppliers must be made aware that we are only on normal household mains electricity and must plan to ensure that any equipment brought onto site does not overload the system.

  7. You must liaise directly with the caterer for the supply of catering.

  8. You must hire in dinnerware and glassware for your function – most caterers are able to provide this alongside their food provision. Where possible, these items should be returned to the hirer dirty to avoid the mix up with items that belong to the house.

  9. Items that belong to the house must not be used /mixed up with hired in items. 

  10. Any items that are broken or missing from the house will be charged to the customer. 


To comply with our regulations, the following must be adhered to:


  1. We have a Noise Management Policy (NMP) that must be accepted, followed and adhered to. Full details of the NMP are attached at the end of these terms. But please note the following:

  2. All music provision must be checked in advance with us before confirming a booking with a supplier. 

  3. Bands and DJ’s must play in The Barn and connect to our Zone Array system. Technical details can be provided.

  4. Music in The Barn ends at 11pm.

  5. No external amplifiers or drums are permitted on site.

  6. Should you wish to play any music in the garden, this may be possible as an acoustic provision. However, you must seek permission from us first so we can establish the suitability. If acoustic music is permitted, then this must not be played outside beyond 8pm.

  7. You do not need to have a DJ or band to provide music. You may stream your own playlist via the Zone Array System in The Barn.

Alcohol provision

  1. As a venue we do not charge corkage for the provision of your own drinks, but the following must be adhered to:

  2. The sale of drinks to your guests is not permitted at The Copse. 

  3. It is not permitted to obtain a licence from the local authority to request the sale of alcohol at The Copse. 

  4. Most customers prefer to bring along their own supply of drinks making them a substantial saving, however should you wish to hire in an external bar supplier then this is possible as long as they abide by the above conditions and you have sought approval from us first. 

  5. We highly recommend the use of eco-friendly disposable cups in the evening for the safety of you and your guests.


  1. The use or possession of drugs is strictly forbidden at The Copse.

  2. You will be held responsible for damage or defacement of The Copse by you or by persons or suppliers attending The Copse and will be held liable for the cost of repair or refurbishment which will be deducted from the security deposit if necessary but is by no means limited to this amount. 

  3. You will be held responsible for the behaviour and conduct of guests and suppliers attending The Copse.

  4. Guests are always to stay within the confines of the designated areas.

  5. We have a zero-tolerance policy to violent or abusive behaviour towards any of our staff.

  6. The Copse has the right to remove any individual from The Copse.


  1. The Copse will not accept liability of any lost, stolen or damaged property belonging to your, guests, or suppliers.

  2. Any unclaimed lost property items will be kept for a period of two weeks after your rental period. The return of any property will be at the owner’s expense. 


  1. You are responsible for your own safety and that of your guests. 

  2. There is a pond on site so you must take care

  3. We ask that you are always vigilant and point out any issues to us immediately. 

  4. We may enter the site and or the house if we believe there is any danger to people or property during your rental and advise accordingly. 

  5. Staff from The Copse will be on site for the duration of your function day. Their role is to be available should issues arise relating to the troubleshooting of infrastructure. This does not include providing support to help, set up or manage your function. 

  6. Staff will be on site to carry out duties of overseeing parking, ensure that regulations are adhered to, fire safety, provide assistance in the evening to help guests leave and close the site at the end of the day. Staff will remain at a distance, unless or until support is required. 

  7. Candles are permitted but in appropriate holders only. They must not be left to burn unattended.  

  8. Advise your guests that your function will take place in an outdoor setting, to wear clothing appropriate to the weather conditions and to bring a coat.

  9. Use of fires (fire pits, in the Arctic Cabin and on bbqs) are done so at you and your guests own risk. 


  1. You and your guests are responsible for the safety of any children on site. This is especially important in relation to the onsite pond, fires held and the public road.

  2. Children under the age of 5 are not permitted in the hot tub.

  3. Children using the hot tub must always be supervised.

  4. Children must be supervised whilst in the house.


  1. The Copse is not liable for anything that you or your guests do that causes them injury. 

  2. We have public liability insurance, but this does not limit you, your guests or 

  3. suppliers’ responsibility to behave and carry out activities in a safe and sensible manner.

  4. Nothing in these terms excludes or limits in any way our liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence or for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, or for any other matter for which it would be illegal or unlawful for us to exclude or limit (or attempt to exclude or limit) our liability.

  5. Should any facilities develop a fault we will attempt immediate repair or replacement where possible but cannot be held liable should any breakdown occur. You must report faults in a timely manner for us to assist you. No compensation will be paid for any breakdowns. 

  6. We are not responsible for any issues arising from contracts you have where suppliers charge you for missing items, breakages etc. For items that may have been left or mixed into the house stock, we are not responsible for this nor will we search through items to return. It is therefore very important that you check all items that are being returned to suppliers. 

  7. We reserve the right to make any changes on site to improve facilities.

  8. We are committed to protecting your privacy and as such will not share your details with any other parties. Your personal information will only be used, disclosed or processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be found on our website. 


This fact sheet sets out the responsibilities for noise control in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

  1. Given our setting, you, your guests and suppliers are always mindful that we have neighbours and request that noise is kept to a reasonable level.

  2. Music in The Barn ends at 11pm.

  3. All amplified equipment must be directed through our Zone Array sound system located in The Barn. This is to comply with regulations.

  4. Bands (only electric drum kits are permitted) and DJ’s must connect all their equipment/instruments to the Zone Array system via XLR cables. Adaptors are available if required. 

  5. All music suppliers must ensure in advance that they can connect to our system to provide you with your service. Inability to connect into our system will mean that the supplier will not be permitted to play. This also applies to non-permitted equipment and instruments in the garden or in the house.

  6. If you are using your own device to stream music this can be easily connected to the system using a 3.5mm jack lead into the headphone socket of your device.

  7. During your rental period, doors and windows to all buildings must be kept closed when music is playing, or the main meal is taking place

  8. No external loudspeakers, amplification equipment or drums can be used at The Copse.

  9. Playing music via any external speakers in the garden or in The Pavilion is not permitted.

  10. Speak to us regarding the playing of acoustic music outside as this may be possible. 

  11. You will be informed by The Copse if at any time you, your guests or suppliers are causing a noise disturbance.

  12. All conditions must be adhered to throughout your stay.


The Copse reserves the right to make reasonable amendments to these terms and conditions at their discretion and will endeavour to give as much notice as possible to any such changes, should they occur.

Except as set out in these terms and conditions, no variation of contract, including the introduction of any additional terms and conditions, shall be effective unless it is agreed in writing and signed by The Copse.

The contract between The Copse and you and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the contract or its subject matter or formation including with reference to these terms and conditions and any non-contractual disputes or claims, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

Each party irrevocably agrees that the court of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this contract or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims).

Download the booking terms here

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